Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fisher Price Jumperoo

The Fisher Price Jumperoo- I think this may be the BEST invention for infant entertainment ever! We all remember the doorway jumpers- cool idea, but kinda scary... I mean is it possible for the kid to get a running start and sling-shot himself across the room? Or worse that the whole contraption just fall off of the doorway?!!?

I first saw the Fisher Price Jumperoo about 5 years ago when we lived in Texas. My friend Rachel's family was visiting her and they brought along their Jumperoo for baby Maddox. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! So of course, when we registered for our baby shower 3 years later, I made positively sure the Jumperoo was on the registry!

Boy am I glad that I did! This was literally my little one's favorite infant toy, hands down! We started the Little Princess Pea in the Jumperoo at around 4 1/2 months or so. She was able to hold her head up and have control of her upper body, although we did add some rolled up baby blankets for extra support in the front.

The Jumperoo has 3 different height settings so that it can be adjusted as your baby grows. Ours also came with a toy tray that had several different colorful toys on it. The middle toys was musical and had lights. You could set the toy to play continuously or play when the baby jumped.

When we first started LPP in the Jumperoo, she could touch the floor with her tippy toes.... but enough so that she could get some sway to the jumper. She absolutely hated the swing that we shelled out $150 for, but the bounce of the jumperoo totally soothed her. As she got older, taller, and more in control of her reflexes, she bounced her heart out! Her favorite place to be while I cooked dinner was hanging out in the jumperoo.

Also, it folds flat, so we took it on trips with us as well. She loved for people to watch her jump- she would get so excited that she'd just jump and laugh her little self silly! I feel like it really help to develop her leg muscles, and because you are basically hanging in a little seat, give her confidence in her ability to hold herself up. She was holding herself up on the furniture long before she started crawling.

We loved the Fisher Price Jumperoo as did our little one. I recommend it to all of my friends who are expecting! This item is definitely a must-have!
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Lori on 16.3.09 said...

I didn't see these until we already had a doorway jumper, but I love that these can go into any room, anywhere.

We don't have much moulding in our house for a doorway jumper to attach to, so Little Man ended up in the closet doorway and could see into the kitchen where I'd be cooking , but not the living room where his sister would do her crafts.



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