Monday, January 19, 2009

Pampered Chef Creative Cutters

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So a recent thing for me- trying to think of new and inventive ways to serve up food for my little one. Currently she is going through the "no eat" phase. This is a new one for me because this is the same child who, at 8 weeks old, was drinking 9oz of milk every 2 hours. At 5 months old, was scarfing down baby food like there was no tomorrow (except the green veggies- she hated those!) At 9 months old she was chomping on pizza crust and by age one she would eat half the food on my plate!

Recently though, if she eats breakfast (aside from her cup of milk) it's not much, and she'll either eat a full lunch or a full dinner, but not both. Usually dinner loses out because she is just "too busy." Although if it's green bean day at daycare she'll skip lunch- she still hates green veggies!

Yes, I do understand that it is just a phase... I saw my little cousins, nephew, and a slew of kids that I used to babysit go through it as well. Yes, logically I know that if she gets hungry, she will eat, but still the "mommy" side of my brain says that she needs to eat something!

So what to do, what to do? Well, right now, her favorite shapes are "heart" and "star." So what does Creative Mommy do?!?! Yes! Serve her food in her favorite shapes! The Pampered Chef "Creative Cutters Set" is perfect for just this sort of thing!

The set comes with 8 "mini" cutters, to (in their words) "create decorative garnishes out of cheese, deli meats, fruits and vegetables." While i don't dispute this, these cutter are also PERFECT for cutting pb&J and grilled cheese sandwiches for a busy 2 year old on the go!

The cool shapes make her food fun, and the small size makes it easy for her to pop one in and move on to the next task! now if only I could thing of a creative way to get her to eat green veggies....

Do you have creative methods to get your children to eat? What are they? Need some help thinking of new creative ideas? Let us know by leaving a comment!
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