Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The First Time Mom Baby Registry- Part 1

Last night I responded to an SOS from a old friend who, as a first-time mom, is freaking out about what to register for. If you have kids, you can probably remember how overwhelming that simple task was the first time!

Think about it- you've never had to care for a baby of your own before...there are all these lists and books, not to mention aisles and aisles- heck even an entire store- dedicated to things for this baby. How do you choose?!?! And how do you know if you're choosing the "right" thing?!!?

It got me thinking. If I felt overwhelmed, my friend felt overwhelmed, there are probably lots of other 'expecting' moms out there who feel the same way. So I decided to make a list. A list of the things that you will REALLY need. And how many you actually need. And which are the best (at least in my opinion.) And some cool things I found along the way.

As I told my friend, you'll read this list, and on some things you'll heed my advice. On others you will not, but will later wish you had. It's okay- I did the exact same thing! You live and learn... and then pass what you learn along to another new mom.

Because my list is so extensive, I have broken it into several parts. This is part one. If you actually like this list and think you may find it useful when registering yourself, email me and I'll send it to you in a Word document :-)

Bottles- I recommend Avent or Dr. Brown- you'll need both 4 oz and 8-9oz, although you'll need more of the larger in the long run
Nipples- for each stage- I'd got for 2-3 packs for each stage/size
Bottle/Nipple Cleaning bush (2) - one will eventually need to be replaced
Bottle Drying Rack- nothing fancy
A Bottle Warmer- great for late nights! I liked this one...The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer
Pre-Fold Cloth diapers (instead of burp cloths) - they are thicker and work much better- 1 pack of 12 will do ya
The First Years Take & Toss 28pc Variety Bag - you won't need this right away, but these are AWESOME for when baby starts feeding himself
Gerber soft bite spoons- 1 pk should be good
Dishwasher basket- for washing nipples and bottle caps

Safety Swab Q-tips - thicker tip for babies
Comb & Brush Set
Desitin- the more the merrier
Infant Tylenol- you'll use it for the first 2 years
Mylicon Gas Drops -
LOTS OF THIS- it's a LIFESAVER - the Wal-Mart brand works just the same
Safety 1st Complete Healthcare Kit - it has all the essential things you'll need
Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer- I'm not big on the whole rectal thermometer thing and this always served us well...and we can still use it as she grows

Infant Tub- I actually bought a fancier one, found out that it could potentially collapse on my baby, return it and got this one, which I LOVED. My recommendation: The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn-to-Toddler Tub
Hooded Towels-
You'll need 4 of these. More than that and you won't really ruse them all. The heavier (thicker) ones are obviously better
1-2 packs of thin Gerber brand- these are great for cleaning messy faces
Huggies Disposable Washcloths are AWESOME! Register for LOTS of these- you'll love these the first two years! Read my review

Munckin Spout Guard- Fits over the faucet to prevent head bumps
Munchkin White Hot Super Safety Bath Duck - tests the bath water temperature

Diapers- Register for diapers through size three- never open more than one box at a time b/c you can take unopened boxes back as you move to new sizes. I used Huggies but everyone I know with boys says Pampers worked better for them.
Wipes- Pick one brand/scent of wipes and stick with it to avoid irritation and diaper rash
*******I'm not a fan of the wipe warmer as it seems to burn the wipes on the bottom and the smell of burnt alcohol didn't settle well.

Don't Agree with any of my suggestions? Leave a comment and tell us what you recommend instead! Have something to add? Share it with us!
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bluejardiniere on 16.2.09 said...

I like Luvs diapers, they smell good and they are cheaper. I had a problem with Huggies leaking. I think different diapers fit different babies best.
I also LOVED my munchkin bow-up ducky tub. It was a perfect in between size from infant to the whole tub. Plus it traveled well.

MonkeyBaby on 12.3.09 said...

I would add: BOPPY!!! I'd be very unhappy without the Boppy. Also: baby-sized emery board, Hyland's Teething Tablets, Wellements Gripe Water. For feeding, we love the Baby Safe mesh feeder.


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