Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free Range Parenting

I'm really excited about a new book that I am reading. It's called Free-Range Kids: Giving Our Children the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts with Worry. The book is by Lenore Skenazy, a New York mom who was dubbed America's Worst Mom by the media after she allowed her 9 year old son to take a NY subway by himself a few years ago.

I actually came across the book title when I was researching helicopter parenting - those parents who hover over their perfect, unscathed children at all times, ready to swoop in at any hint of a threat (real or percieved) of bursting the little bubble they've put them in. We've all heard stories...maybe even done it ourselves - parent's who do their kids homework for them, call teachers if the grades aren't what they want, not letting their children walk to the mailbox by themselves, calling their kids every morning to wake them up for college classes, calling a potential employer whne their child didn't get the job...

Well I was researching helicopter parenting (mostly because I don't want to be one) when I came across an article that discussed the new backlash against it, the Free Range or Free Parenting movement. Like her title suggests, Ms. Skenazy advocates that as parents, we must learn to allow our children to be.. children... let them learn, explore and become independent and build self confidence without always trying to swoop in and rescue them before they even have a chance to fail (doesn't that somewhat defeat the purpose anyway?)

Right now I am only in the second chapter, but I am very intrigued by what I am reading. She provides real life examples and at the end of the chapter gives you 3 different levels of challenges to let go and stop hovering.

Stay tuned for my thoughts throughout my reading, stories of how I'm trying to apply some of the concepts and my complete review at the end. Who knows...maybe I can even give away a few copies of the book!
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Amanda on 19.5.10 said...

The book sounds interesting - I'd like to think I'll find a balance between helicopter parenting and free range. I recently went to a college seminar (thinking of going back to school) and there was a 25 year old and her mother was with her asking questions for her! Don't be that parent! :)


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