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Geocaching - Muggles


This in the 3rd installment of my "How to Become a Geocacher" posts. If you've missed the previous 2 posts, click "Geocaching" in the label list on the right side of this blog. This time I'm going to talk about finiding and retrieving a cache without being caught.

How do I find a cache without being seen?
In geo-caching, the trick is to remove a cache from a location without being spotted by muggles. The geocaching term “muggle” is based on the Harry Potter books series in which a muggle is a “non-magical” person. While most geo-muggles are harmless, there is a chance of a cache being “compromised” by a non-geocacher (especially the younger ones.)

So how do you keep the cache secure? Well, the most important thing to remember is that if muggles don’t know a cache is there, they won’t look for it. So when you are looking for a cache and there are muggles nearby, you need to be very deliberate in your actions. If you can’t hide what you’re doing, then start acting. Use your GPS as a cell phone, pretend to drop an earring or tie your shoe. Basically, act ordinary. Also, when you find the cache, move from the hiding spot to sign the log and trade trinkets. Just remember to use stealth when returning the cache to its hiding spot as well!

If there is no way to retrieve the cache without giving away its location, the best thing to do it leave the area and try again later.

Ready to get started? Check back for my next post!

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CC on 22.5.10 said...

my son was just watching Harry Potter (and is currently humming the theme song) so this is so fun that they are called muggles!

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