Sunday, May 23, 2010

My First Solo Geocaching Adventure

I'm going to take just a moment to brag on myself. Typically I wouldn't do this, but I am so excited and SO proud of myself! Though my family has been geocaching for almost a year and we have over 1000 finds, the only time I ever go out to cache my husband is always with me. This has always been his gig, with me being the sidekick.

Last week, however, I had to make a trip to an area we rarely travel and noticed that there were several caches along my route. Ten to be exact. I decided I'd go for it, so I read the descriptions for each cache on and decided that I would try to find 9 of them (the tenth had too many logs about ants for me to attempt alone.) I mapped out my route, with a print out of each cache description, the coordinates, and put them in the order i would encounter them along my route. And then, feeling a bit nervous and also excited, I set off.

I was using the Garmin nuvi b/c I didn't feel like my training on the Delorme was up to par, but the GPS was quite cooperative that day. Thanks to all the hunting I've gone on with my husband, I found 8 of the 9 very quickly after arriving at ground zero.

Only one of the 9 caches eluded me. I tried it on the trip down and couldn't find it. The clue I had made no sense to me either. I decided to continue my journey and try it again on my way back. Still no luck. I sent my husband a message, who encouraged me to think outside the box and try again.

I decided I should take a break so I grabbed a quick snack at the local McDonald's. While I ate, I thought about the cache. I really had two options here. I could give up and go home. On a first solo outing, 8 finds of 9 isn't a bad start. Or, I could eat, rejuvenate and try again. If I went home defeated, at least I could say I gave it my best. So for the third time that day, I drove over to the cache site.

With a clear head and a full stomach, I walked to spot my GPS directed, took off my sunglasses and within 90 seconds had an "ah ha" moment. I walked right to the cache, retrieved it, signed the log and was on my way! (By the way, even after I found the cache, I never understood the clue.)

I did it! I found NINE caches! By myself! My first day out! With the nuvi, nonetheless! Needless to say, I was elated! Have you ever experienced a moment where you almost admitted defeat, but instead decided to push on to sweet success? I'd love to hear about it!

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PinkPetunias on 11.6.10 said...

way to go. i have read about that in the past and thought it sounded like a ton of fun. now, i know it is. :)

The Teacher's Wife on 25.10.10 said...

Found you thru Pitch it to Me (reviewing Alexa....daunting task :) and am SO glad that I found you- because we love geocaching too!! We actually took our (long saved for!!) 2nd honeymoon to niagara falls this summer specifically to go geocaching up there!! Our 2 little boys LOVE caching!! Glad to see a fellow friend!
Crystal (AKA the Teachers Wife)


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