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Sniffle Buddies Review

I live in South Carolina. With the exception of this past year, we don’t have extremely cold winters. We do have hot summers. If last week is any indication, we’ll have an extremely hot summer. [My thermostat on my dash has read 104+ every afternoon when I leave work.]

Really, though, South Carolina pretty much has spring weather the majority of the year. Nice huh? Yeah- don’t forget that with that lovely spring weather comes pollen. Cars are literally covered in that yellow dust overnight. It’s terrible.

I’ve suffered with horrible allergies since as long as I can remember. Spring weather, blooming flowers and haywire temperature changes make them unbearable at times. Lucky for him, my husband doesn’t suffer the same fate.

So when our daughter was born, it was pretty much a toss-up. She could go either way. Unfortunately for her, she got the short end of the stick on that one. Sorry kiddo, but you’re following mommy on this one.

Basically, I told you all that to say that my sweet little adorable child has a continuous runny nose when the world is pollinating. To further compound the issue, she hasn’t mastered the art of blowing the nose yet. So instead, this angelic little child does what all little kids do.... she throws an arm up to her nose and runs it across. Yep, you’re right, that is so gross! But when you’re three and you’re busy playing with your friends, stopping to run and find a tissue just isn’t a viable option.

If we’re around family…God bless her little soul… they rub her nose raw trying to catch every little drip. [Disclaimer: I used to do the same thing myself, but finally realized that there was absolutely no way I was going to catch every drip and furthermore would much rather run tissue duty as needed than have a child with a raw AND runny nose. As a mom, you just have to let some things go.]

Imagine my excitement when I learned about Sniffle Buddies! What are Sniffle Buddies, you ask? They're high quality wristbands made with bamboo velour that were created by a mompreneur as a means to assist her allergy-prone toddler son during playtime.

Basically, this ro0ched fabric band is attached around the child (or adult’s) wrist with Velcro. And they are sent off to run and play and have fun…you know, the things normal kids do. When their nose starts to run, drip, itch or whatever, they simply wipe it themselves…on the Sniffle Buddy! At the end of the day, simply toss it in the wash. [Just to clarify, Sniffle Buddies are NOT for blowing into, just for tending to the sniffle or tickle.]

Even better… since the Sniffle Buddies are made of bamboo velour, they are naturally anti-microbial…even after numerous washes! Other benefits of bamboo fabric- it’s sustainable, comfortable, and practical.

Kelly, the mom behind Sniffle Buddies, was gracious enough to send us a pink Sniffle Buddy to try. Conveniently enough, little Princess had a runny nose last week. [Drastic temperature changes- gets us every time!] Since she would be at school and be actively playing, I decided this was the time.

I told her I had a very special bracelet for her and pulled it out. She was super excited over the pinkness of it! I put it on and showed her how it worked. She got it. I told her that when she was at school if her nose got runny, to just use her “special bracelet” to wipe her nose and keep on playing. And we were off!

I wasn’t quite sure if she would keep it on or not, but when I retrieved her 8 hours later- she was still wearing her Sniffle Buddy! I asked her if she used it and she said, “Yes Mommy! On the playground and in the ballroom and when I was col-dering my pretty picture…” Her nose was dry and [thank you Jesus!] there were no signs of the “I’ve been sitting here all day” crusty dryness!

For those of you who have active kids who suffer from allergies or frequent colds, I know that you can completely relate to the story I have shared with you today. Trust me when I tell you that Sniffle Buddies work. They allow your kids to be kids, play and have fun without the Tissue Monster constantly looming nearby.

You can check out Sniffle Buddies here.

Sniffle Buddies come in a variety of colors and are currently sold in 4 sizes:
Child – fits bare wrists up to 5”
Child Loose – fits bare wrists up to 6” or over child shirt
Adult L – fits bare wrists up to 6 ½” or over child coat
Adult XL – fits bare wrists over 6 ½” or over adult coat
Purchase your own Sniffle Buddies for your little [or big] one here.
Prices start at $9.99.

Kelly has kindly agreed to share Sniffle Buddies with my readers! One lucky Bloggymom Reviews reader will win a Sniffle Buddy of your choice. I’ll let you know how to enter on Monday.

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