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Little Looster Review & Giveaway


WINNER: The winner of this contest has been determined. Congratulations to Candace! I hope that Aidan & Nadia find this product as useful as K does!

Potty Training. Ugh.
Not the most exciting part of parenting. A necessary evil.

I remember when we first decided to start, around 18 months, I did research on seemingly HUNDREDS of pottys. I read article after article and review after review on the “best potty.” We finally settled on a very simple, although not exactly “cheap” potty.

“Why can’t we just put her on the regular toilet?” my husband asked. Of course I explained to him that A) she couldn’t reach it in the precious few seconds she would have to get the clothes down and the tail on the toilet before the waterworks started flowing and B) she might fall in.

Our family was very lucky that our childcare provider worked with us and helped to potty train our daughter. She was fully potty trained at 21 months, which we were very happy with. Finally, out of the woods! Or so we thought.

See, the thing about the fancy potty chairs that we parents don’t realize as we are caught up in all the excitement of potty training is that they don’t grow with your child. So, while my daughter was potty trained before two, she hit a growth spurt and grew several inches. The potty chair I spent so many hours researching was still the same height and became more of a hassle than a help. At the same time, she still couldn’t reach the big potty and also ran the risk of falling in.

We solved the falling in problem by purchasing a potty seat, and attempted to solve the “can’t reach” issue by purchasing a cute little blue and green step stool. It’s a rectangle shape, and we put it in front of the potty…so she could step right up. It worked great….except for the times that it wasn’t there, which was becoming increasingly more frequent.

What happened to it? Well, she would move it to the sink to wash her hands and not put it back. My husband would move it to the side so it “wasn’t in the way” and not put it back. So basically, my solution wasn’t really a solution because, while she would make it to the bathroom on time, precious seconds would be wasted trying to find the stool so that she could climb up on the potty. Imagine the messes I had to clean up!

“I wish there were some sort of stool that was tall enough for her to reach the toilet, but was contoured to fit around it, so it didn’t get in the way,” I remember thinking to myself. Well…guess what?!?! THERE IS!

Mother of 3, Monica Mylet, invented just such a product which she calls The Little Looster… a booster for the loo! She came up with the design and need after parenting 3 kids through the potty training process.

The Little Looster website states, “As an extension of the toilet, the Little Looster never needs to be shuffled around the bathroom. All grown-ups can use the toilet while standing or sitting without needing to move it out of the way.”

Some advantages of the Little Looster include:
Comfort - Provides total comfort & leg support for years of use.
No more painful pins-n-needles feeling when little legs are not supported
Confidence – Promotes complete certainty.
No scary feeling of “falling in.” Kids legs do all the work.
Cleanliness – Allows children to have their hands free at all times.
No need to grip the back of the toilet seat or the inner, germ covered rim.

Monica was kind enough to send us a Little Looster to try out. When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the size. The Little Looster is made of molded plastic. It’s a contoured stool that is steady and sturdy with a very wide step area, which I was very excited about (my daughter has fallen off more than one stool in her time.) The one thing that I wish the Little Looster had was a rubber grip along the bottom, but that’s really a non-issue because there are some many great things about it!

The Little Looster is taller than most step stools. I think this is great because it allows her to hop right up- no squirming and scooting to adjust. I would imagine that the height is also a great advantage for potty training boys- makes it much harder to “miss” the target!

Here’s the other great thing about the Little Looster- since I placed it in the bathroom, it hasn’t been moved! It fits perfectly around the toilet and doesn’t get in anyone’s way! Woooo-hoooo! We found a keeper! Thanks so much, Monica for developing this great concept and for make it available to other parents!

Currently, the Little Looster is sold at My Precious Kid in Hillsboro Oregon and online at Also, if you’re a retailer interested in carrying this great product in your store, you can contact Little Looster for more details.

Monica has graciously agreed to send one lucky Bloggymom Reviews reader the Little Looster… a booster for the loo! This prize is a $39.99 value and a must have for any parents who will be potty-training at some point!

To enter this contest, leave a comment telling me what age you think is best to start potty training and any tips you've heard that you (might) try for the process.

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Leave a comment for each entry. You have until 10pm EST on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 to enter.

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Michele on 12.7.10 said...

We are not to the potty training stage yet. I do not have a specific age that I want to start with my son, we'll need to see when he is ready. This product is such a great idea!!

Sara-Beth on 13.7.10 said...

What a fabulous idea! Her stool is always getting moved and then is never there when we need it... ugh.

I think you should start when your child shows they are ready to start. The running around naked method is working- she'll wet underwear and pullups but refuses to pee on my floor (woo-who!!!)

I already follow on GFC...
Blogging about the contest now...

The Cato Family on 16.7.10 said...

I believe that you should start potty training when your child shows "interest" or that he/she is ready. Each child is so different so as a parent you must be in tune with your child.

The Little Looster is a great idea!

When potty training my son, it was easier in the summer time so that he could learn to potty outside...with my little girl, I don't have any tips but would welcome any!

The Cato Family on 16.7.10 said...

I follow on GFC.

I also blogged about the contest at

Jennifer on 17.7.10 said...

My third BOY is going to be 2 in September. Already he likes to stand next to his 5yr old twin brothers and pretend he is peeing right along with them! (though, ususally nothing comes out on his command!)
I started allowing the twins to "water the grass" off the back porch at this age. You know boys (and men)! A regular pi**ing contest!
I didn't really push them hard to use the potty consistently until just before 3yrs old. By 3 they were in undies all day and pull-up by night!
Cute blog, by the way! Love the product toO!

Dawn on 18.7.10 said...

I already have 2 girls potty trained and ready to start my son. I wait until they are ready. They let me know. I ask them if they are ready to buy big girl or boy undies. When they want the undies I tell them the princesses or dora do not want to be peed on so they can only wear them if they are going to use the potty. It worked with the girls. I'll see about the boy.

Dawn on 18.7.10 said...

i Follow via GFC dmcalgaro

B. Wilson on 19.7.10 said...

I think it's best to start p-training when the child is a regular walker. Walks to the bathroom and potty time are expected (in my house) at that point.

Tips? Bribe them with M&M's. ;)


Anonymous said...

I've heard 18-24 months is a good time, depending on your child. Don't know any reliable tips, though--I only hear the ones that DON'T work!

Thanks for the chance to win!


ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

Shasta on 20.7.10 said...

I always start around 3 years, I know I'm such a bad mom! But the kids get it and we don't have any problems!

Shasta on 20.7.10 said...

following via GFC

Shasta on 20.7.10 said...

Now following you on Twitter @keepinitcheap

The Shopping Mama on 20.7.10 said...

My daughter is 20 months and we're not actively training yet. She is very potty-curious, though, and loves to sit on the potty. This would help tremendously.

I don't think there's a universal best age to start training - I think it depends on the child and will go much smoother (read: quicker) if you want for the child to show signs of being ready.

Like someone mentioned, bribing helps when you are ready to train!

The Shopping Mama on 20.7.10 said...

I follow you on Twitter @TheShoppingMama

The Shopping Mama on 20.7.10 said...

I follow MamaLooster on Twitter. @TheShoppingMama

Jessi on 20.7.10 said...

I don't think there is a magic age for potty training i think it is all about following your childs cues. Both my sons were trained by age 2 but my daughter who will be three next month still wears pull ups at bedtime.

Jessi on 20.7.10 said...

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Jessi on 20.7.10 said...

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Jessi on 20.7.10 said...

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Jessi on 20.7.10 said...


Bobbie on 20.7.10 said...

Not sure there is an age. My daughter was almost 3 and my son was only 2. They were both different the whole process!

ConradsSpot on 20.7.10 said...

I think introducing at 18M is good. I would also say that dont get frustrated because every kids learns at a different rate. And when kids see you are frustrated they get frustrated with it.

Dee on 20.7.10 said...

What a great idea! I'd say 2 is the best to start trying. My little man is almost 3 and has FINALLY caught on completely..bye bye diapers!

Candace on 21.7.10 said...

Love this review. Nadia comes to visit and I always have to hold her up and help her for fear of her falling in. She sometimes say "I can do it YaYa", but because I have no potty chair or stool at my house it can be an issue. Maranda has both Aidan/Nadia own private bathroom (but now that I think about it - if they have guest - they also use this bathroom) hmmm. So I am entering for Maranda to have for both Nadia/Aidan! As for what age to start - it differs from child to child, let it happen naturally, they will tell you when the diaper should no longer be worn.

Beeb on 21.7.10 said...

I don't have any children yet, so I have no clue about potty training! However, I would like to enter because I have a friend who I would like to give this to. Thank you for the giveaway!

supercoupongirl AT

Beeb on 21.7.10 said...

Tweeted this here:

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Shasta on 21.7.10 said...

Tweeted #1

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Rachel on 21.7.10 said...

LOVE this! Oh, wow. Our daughter is three and potty-trained, but is so petite that it's hard for her to get on the toilet quickly/easily. This would be PERFECT.

We didn't wait for any specific age -- just watched for signs of readiness, which for her happened around 2.5 yrs. I followed a friend's advice and did a "potty-training" bootcamp. We stayed home for three days and I took her to the bathroom round the clock. The first day didn't go very smoothly. But, by the second day, it all clicked and she started telling us OR taking herself when she needed to go.

Rachel on 21.7.10 said...


Rachel on 21.7.10 said...

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Katie on 21.7.10 said...

I think it all depends on the child..I mean you don't want to wait too long, but I don't think you should force it on them either! GREAT product!

Katie on 21.7.10 said...

Following on GFC!

Katie on 21.7.10 said...

I follow you on twitter! (couponkat)

Missy Olson on 21.7.10 said...

I believe the best time to potty train is when your child is showing signs of interest in using the potty. Though it doesn't hurt to read a few books or watch some movies about potty learning to spark some interest!

Missy Olson on 21.7.10 said...

follow bloggymomsc on twitter

Missy Olson on 21.7.10 said...

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on twitter

Missy Olson on 21.7.10 said...

tweeted “Win a Little Looster potty booster from Bloggymom Reviews @"

Candace on 16.8.10 said...

I received my prize - The Little Looster - and gave to Maranda on Sunday for both Nadia and Aidan to use. It's great - Nadia tested it out at my house. Thanks so much!


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