Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sometimes a girl just wants to be...


There are so many "artistic" things that I want to do!

1. Learn to do website [blog] design - This is at the TOP of my list. I REALLY want to learn to do this! I know enough to build a basic site, but I want to learn Flash and CSS and all the cool stuff!
2. Learn to sew.
3. Learn to smock.
4. Learn to make delicious dinner... but do it quickly.
5. Learn to use a crock pot.
6. Have a tie-dye day with my DD.
7. Spend a Sunday morning downtown w/my DH taking photographs.
8. Learn to applique.

I hope that one day I will find the time to do them all, but right now, with working outside the home full-time, an active [high-maintenance] three year old, a husband who loves to spend time doing things as a family [God bless him for that!] and trying to prep our house to put it on the market... well I'm feeling like I'll never have time to learn anything again! Guess it's a good thing I marked "Learn to Sew" off already, huh?
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Kristen on 15.7.10 said...

I'm in the process of learning design (have redone my blog 2x's and relocated it twice lol)...and hoping to go to school for it in the future. Sounds like you're a busy woman--but busy is good!!

Jennifer on 20.7.10 said...

Right there with you on this blog puzzle! I have limited time and resources for this maze, but so want it to work out!
AND....I want to be a good mom, and a cake baker, and a Zumba instructor, and a painter, and etc.

Whoever said you can't have it all, had kids just like mine!


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