Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feelin' GREAT!

Because my husband is so great...and thinks that I am so great... for Christmas this past year, he got me a new sewing machine! Isn't that great?!?!

Okay, enough with the greatness. He did get me an awesome new sewing machine. Really.

I went to this from this:

See the difference? Trust me, it's huge..and I don't just mean size. From 10 stitches to over 150. Manual everything to automatic everything. EVERYTHING. Really. I don't even have to use the presser foot if I don't want to. Yeah, I know. Impressive. Or lazy. Depends on how you look at it.

So, I got this awesome new sewing machine on December 25th. Which was exactly 8 months ago. Do you know what I have sewn on it in that entire 8 month period? Burp cloths. Impressive right? Hardly.

Five months ago, I cut out a pattern for a cute little outfit for my little girl. FIVE MONTHS! [Shameful, I know!] So this month, I decided to make a conscious effort to change that..and sew the outfit before she outgrew it! And by some small miracle... I am almost finished!

I'd forgotten how rewarding it is to sew something just because you want to. And to try something new [I made my first pair of pants!] I still have to add the finishing touches, but I am so proud of myself!

I was going to set a goal to sew at least one "fun" project per month now. But then if I don't reach my goal I'll stress myself out...or I'll stress myself out trying to keep up with my goal, so I decided instead to make it a point to sew for fun whenever it feels right, which is the whole point anyway, I think...
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

etsy bitsy Sunday - August 22

Today’s etsy bitsy Sunday comes from the Cottage Carries store on etsy. This store features adorable totes, clutches and coin purses created by Rachel, a stay-at-home mom to Cayden and Tucker. (He’s a Chihuahua.)

Here’s what Rachel has to say about how she made the transition from graphic designer to handbag creator:
I had been searching for a hobby that I love for a while. Being an art major in college, of course, I started with painting. I love it, but it was not something that I was passionate about. Still searching, handbags popped into my head. I don’t know where it came from but, I started making bags by buying old vintage bags and restoring them. I got inspired from another blog to start making clutches. And now I want to share them with everyone. Every women deserves a handmade handbag!

I think Rachel’s stuff is fabulous. I love the vintage look of it and I am gaga over her fabric choices! Here are my two favorite items from Cottage Carries:
Key Lime Lady Clutch
I love this. It’s such a timeless piece. I love the lime green and black and the big white flower adds just the right touch! Wouldn’t this be perfect for a little black dress at a summer wedding?!

Polka Dot Flower Pot Tote
This one made my favorites list because of the fabric. I truly believe that I was born in the wrong decade and am a flower child at heart. I love the boho design of the bag, the adorable polkadot lining and, most of all the very bohemian fabric design and colors.

I can’t wait to see what else Rachel comes up with for some more fabulous Cottage Carries!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my apologies

I missed the etsy bitsy Sunday feature for the 15th. I do apologize for that, but it may happen from time to time as the weekends are devoted to my family, and I do most of my weekend blogging at 645 when my daughter wakes me up and refuses to go turn the tv on by herself. There is the (very) rare occassion that she does allow me to sleep in, and let's face it...when it comes to sleeping in or blogging..well ,you saw who won!

Don't worry though, I'll be back next week. In the meantime, if you or someone who know has a cool etsy product that you think would appeal to me, please click the "etsy bitsy" button on the top left of my blog!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Etsy bitsy Sunday - August 8

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My feature item for this week’s etsy bitsy Sunday is this gorgeous bird's nest necklace from the etsy shop Ophelia Weeping.

The nest is made of sterling silver with freshwater pearls serving as the eggs. An 18 inch chain is included in the purchase price.

I don’t know what it is about this particular piece that I love so much, but I do. Simple really…a bird’s nest… but the design is so intricate, as if each piece of the “nest” is arranged just so to get that perfect shape. The blue pearls against the silver are wonderful- they look so blue. So perfect and undisturbed.

Just out of curiosity, I searched “bird nest necklace” on etsy… and although there were many, MANY others available by different sellers, THIS is THE ONE. The others just didn’t appeal. As Goldilocks would say, “too hot, too cold, too lumpy, too hard…” No other birds nest necklace that I have seen compares.

I think the Sterling Silver Birds Nest Necklace With Freshwater Pearls would be a great gift for anyone (including me!!) [And at $25 plus shipping, it’s totally affordable too!] I really wanted to get this for my grandmother’s birthday, thinking that the 3 eggs could represent her 3 children, but I waited too long to order. In all reality though, I really would love to have this necklace for myself as well. I think I’ll add it to my Christmas list, since that is a closer holiday than Mother’s Day ;-)

Ophelia Weeping is only one of many stores managed by Heather. In addition to this jewelry store, Heather also has etsy stores featuring whimsical accessories for girls, Photo Letter art & Fine Art, Jewelry making supplies and graphic design. Wow! This stay at home mom of two definitely has a full plate!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Sister Embroidered Shirt Giveaway [from my etsy shop]

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So, I'm on an etsy kick right now. I truly love etsy because it's an outlet and venue that connects crafters, giving them an opportunity to sell their creations worldwide!

In my spare time [at some point in my life I'll figure out when that is] I enjoy sewing and creating. My husband and I have also recently begun taking on embroidery business as well as making the vinyl window decals you often see in car windows. Since I really have ZERO spare time to set up shop at local craft fairs, my etsy store, Pink Toodle by keilann designs, was born. I also sell a lot of things locally to friends and co-workers. I wish I had more time to put in to promoting my etsy store, but again that whole spare time thing comes up. So I do what I can.

Today, the "what I can" includes holding a giveaway on my blog for this embroidered "Little Sister" shirt*.

The shirt is a size 18 months, white and 100% cotton.
The embroidery colors are light pink and brown.
I sell these as a "Sibling Shirt set" on my etsy store for $25.

In the next few days I will be listing my newest item, the ipad sleeve. These are also embroidered with name, which is included in the purchase price.

So of course, I want you to visit my etsy store! Tell me what you like. That's your mandatory entry. [Buy what you like, you get 5 more entires.]

Follow my blog on GFC, get 1 more entry.
Follow me on twitter, get another entry.
Retweet this post (click the green box at the top of this post), get 2 additional entires.
Same goes for facebook- share and get 2 extra entires.
Post my button on your wall you get 4 extra entires.

Make sure that you leave a comment for each entry. If your actions = more than one entry, comment that many times.

Contest will close at 10PM EST on Sunday, August 15, 2010. Winner will be notified and posted.

*Sorry, no substitutions permitted, open to US residents only.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Etsy Bitsy Sunday - August 1


For my first [etsy bitsy sunday] etsy store feature , I chose this:

This is an original 8x10 photograph entitled "Painter Shoes." This awesome photo can be purchased at the javachip etsy shop here.

Okay, so I love this for various reasons...
1] I SUPER LOVE Chuck Taylor Converse shoes. Seriously. [and i am SOOOOOO glad that my daughter has inherited that love since converse look so cute on children's size 11 feet!]

2] Red is my favorite color

3] Dried paint splatters on the floor means an artist is at work...what a sense of exhilaration and freedom!

4] Cute laces, tattered jeans=comfortable!

5] Don't all the colors make you think of Skittles?!?! Oh man, Skittles would be sooo good right now! :-p

I would really love to have this photograph to hang in my office at work. I think looking at it would keep me grounded and serve as a gentle reminder of what life is about- finding your passion and staying true to yourself.
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