Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feelin' GREAT!

Because my husband is so great...and thinks that I am so great... for Christmas this past year, he got me a new sewing machine! Isn't that great?!?!

Okay, enough with the greatness. He did get me an awesome new sewing machine. Really.

I went to this from this:

See the difference? Trust me, it's huge..and I don't just mean size. From 10 stitches to over 150. Manual everything to automatic everything. EVERYTHING. Really. I don't even have to use the presser foot if I don't want to. Yeah, I know. Impressive. Or lazy. Depends on how you look at it.

So, I got this awesome new sewing machine on December 25th. Which was exactly 8 months ago. Do you know what I have sewn on it in that entire 8 month period? Burp cloths. Impressive right? Hardly.

Five months ago, I cut out a pattern for a cute little outfit for my little girl. FIVE MONTHS! [Shameful, I know!] So this month, I decided to make a conscious effort to change that..and sew the outfit before she outgrew it! And by some small miracle... I am almost finished!

I'd forgotten how rewarding it is to sew something just because you want to. And to try something new [I made my first pair of pants!] I still have to add the finishing touches, but I am so proud of myself!

I was going to set a goal to sew at least one "fun" project per month now. But then if I don't reach my goal I'll stress myself out...or I'll stress myself out trying to keep up with my goal, so I decided instead to make it a point to sew for fun whenever it feels right, which is the whole point anyway, I think...
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